Pink Sky I, Oil, 48” * 60"
Manhattan, Oil, 30” * 30"
Reflections II, Oil, 14" * 36”
Night lights I, London, Oil, 12” * 12"
Night light II, London,Oil, 12” * 12"
A view from Tate II
Evening light, Venice, Oil, 24" * 24"
In the distance, oil, 14 * 36
Thames, oil on canvas, 30 * 60 inches
Blackfriars Bridge, Oil, 30 * 30, 2017
Tate Modern, Oil, 20 * 30, 2018
Allepy, Kerala, Oil, 16 * 16, SOLD
Jodhpur Blues, oil, 30 * 30 inches
Monsoon, Jodhpur, Oil, 20 * 20 inches, SOLD
City I, oil, 10 * 10 inches
The Shard, Oil, 20 * 30, 2017
A view from Tate, Oil, 16 * 16, 2017, SOLD
Clubhouse, Paddington Sports Club, Oil, 20 * 20, SOLD
Going home, oil, 20 * 20 inches
Cycling home, Chettinad, Oil, 2016, 20 * 20
Leading up to Christmas
Milbank II, oil on canvas, 60 * 60 inches
Blue II
Reflections, Venice
San Giorgio, Venice
Pink facade, Venice
A view from Ponte dell’ Academia
Walking through Baroque Ibla
Modica in Moonlight
Taj Mahal
Refections, Gangaur ghat
Rang Mahal
When evening falls on Ibla
City palace, Udaipur
London X
Spring, Turnham green
Hammersmith bridge
Parliament by night II
Midnight Millennium II
Pink sky
Tower bridge II
Blackfriars bridge
Chelsea bridge
London bridge
Manhattan II
Manhattan I
Blue I
Pink sky II
City at night
Early summer evening
Spring light
Blue skies II
Morning light
Approaching twilight
Spring warmth
Venice I
In the distance
Blue skies I
The city at night
Blue skies II
Indian summer
Blue skies V
Rooftops III
First light, Paris
Golden summer
Morning light
Millenium bridge
Hammersmith bridge
1506 Manhattan II 2.jpg
London city I
London city II
Florence I
Florence II
London V
London VII
Waterloo bridge
1181 Lower Manhattan 2.jpg
Colour and clamour, Varanasi
Dashaswamedh ghat, a study
Golden glow, Varanasi
Nightly Ganga aarti
Christmas in Venice
Venice II
Grand canal, Venice
Market in Ajmer
Jodhpur II
Over the hills
Jhughis of Mumbai
Jaipur I
Market in Rajasthan
Jaipur II
Mumbai, 2007
Jodhpur III
Regent street
Three minutes to landing, Bombay
Marylebone high street
New York I
New York city
1506 Manhattan II 2.jpg
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