London Morgan host my exhibition at SW7 showroom
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London Morgan host my exhibition at SW7 showroom

About my experience...

I felt very encouraged by the fact that the spirit of a community working together is still very possible in Central London today! London Morgan, the official dealership for the country's last independent family-owned car manufacturer, the Morgan Motor Company,  showcased my work in their showroom which is based in a cobbled mews in South Kensington, that is shares with other residents and businesses.

I realised that the process behind the making of these effortlessly stylish cars rhymed with what I did at the studio - a very traditional method of hand crafted car building with a contemporary finish, like the use of age old oil paints to create contemporary artwork, as in my case. I also realised the importance of cities to these cars as to my inspiration for work. It was wonderful that we could take these connections further to bring about this exhibition!!

The exhibtion opened on April 7 and continued till 17.

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